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Science can be fun!


​Hailey Forest and Naomi Burke

On the 21st of March 1/2G, 2/3W and 3G went to Coolumboola in search of the illusive Bunyip.

Before we began our search we read the story of The Bunyip of Berkley’s Creek .In the story the bunyip has some things that include the five senses.

We went on an expedition to find some of the Bunyip’s favourite things that he left behind and those things included the five senses.

After our amazing journey we got to relax by the pond and go yabbying . We learnt how to do it “the country way” .We had to tie our own meat to some string and wait patiently for a bite .We caught almost a bucket full of yabby’s.

But the best thing was we all had fun!

By Hailey Forest, Abbey Conlan and Kristen Davies