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Resource scheme

Tara Shire State College wishes to invite parent/carers to participate in our Textbook Hire and Resource Scheme.

Parents are advised that participation in the scheme is entirely voluntary.

The objectives of this school initiative are to:-

Reduce the cost for the purchase of textbooks for the education of students;

Provide a framework for the operation of a voluntary, co-operative Textbook Hire and Resource Scheme in order to maximize the benefits to parents, students and the school community;

Provide a framework for the operation of the levy scheme to assist the college to enhance resources available for student learning, recreation and comfort.

Scheme Arrangements

The Textbook Hire Resource Scheme – Government Allowance;

Does not require parents to purchase textbooks and other indicated resources.

Applies to students whose parents have elected to participate.

Has the contributions to the scheme fully audited, costed and ratified annually.


There are two components to the Textbook Hire and Resource Scheme

1.         Government Allowance

2.         Parent/Carer Levy


Government Allowance

A government Textbook and Resource Allowance is paid to the college by the Government for all eligible students.  The allowance paid is $112.00 per year for students in Years 8 to 10 and $245.00 per year for students in years 11 and 12.  This allowance supports the Resource Scheme.

If parents participate in the Textbook Hire and Resource Scheme, the prescribed textbooks for each subject studied and any indicated resources for selected subjects will be distributed to students for full year use.

Parent/Carer Levy

Parent/Carers will be invoiced in February for the levy.  This fee will cover any cost incurred for services, materials and consumables not defined as instruction, administration and facilities for the education of the student at the College.