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As a school we are required to ensure that all food sold at the school tuckshop is in line with the Education Queensland Smart Choices Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools.  This means that all food sold at the college falls into one of three groups:

GREEN ‘Have plenty’
Encourage and promote these foods and drinks in the school.
AMBER ‘Select carefully’
Do not let these foods and drinks dominate choices and avoid large serve sizes.
RED ‘Occasional’
Limit the availability of these foods and drinks to no more than two occasions per term.
Each term, the college and the P&C decide on two red food days per term which give students the opportunity to purchase those occasional foods which fall into the red category. 

Ordering Arrangements

  • All students should order their tuckshop before school.

  • A Class Box is supplied for Year 1 – 6 classes.  The teachers will organise a Tuckshop Monitor per class, who are responsible for taking Tuckshop Box to classroom at 8.50a.m. and returning these boxes to the tuckshop by 9.00a.m. 

  • Secondary students can collect their orders at the relevant time.


Serving Arrangements

  • The Convener shall operate two (2) serving counters in normal circumstances; one (1) being for orders placed prior to meal breaks and the other for non-ordered items.

  • All students shall be served at the appropriate counter.

  • The Tuckshop Menu is printed regularly in the College Newsletter.