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The Senior Education Training Plan maps out how the young person will work towards a Senior Certificate, a Certificate I, II or III vocational qualification, and/or a viable work option.  Students will play a critical role planning their personal pathways through education and training, then onto future learning or work options after school.

The SET Plan is designed to:


  • Work as a ‘road map’ to help the young person to work towards and achieve their learning goals during the Senior Phase of Learning

  • Include flexible and coordinated pathway options

  • Assist students to examine options across education, training and employment sectors

  • Help students to communicate with personnel from other schools/learning providers, if necessary, about their future options

Young people will be responsible for the safekeeping of their copy of the Senior Education Training Plan.  The school will also keep a copy for students.

Students will be able to access a range of opportunities during their Senior Phase of Learning by following the guidelines of the SET plan.  The individual needs of the young person will determine the level of support and the amount of time he/she needs to complete the Set plan process.

The purpose of developing and implementing a SET Plan is to:

  • Promote learning that is aligned with the young person’s aspirations and abilities, and which leads to the awarding of a Senior Certificate III vocational qualification, and/or a viable work option;

  • Serve as a reference point or map for the young person through the Senior Phase of Learning to achieve learning goals and to move across education, training and employment sectors;

  • Support participation in further education and training;

  • Promote ongoing dialogue between a young person, the parents/carers and personnel from the school or other learning providers;

  • Prepare the young person to take responsibility for his/her own learning through the Senior Phase of Learning;

All students from Years 10 – 12 will complete a SET Plan and be part of the process towards achieving their set goals for the future.