Beyond the Broncos - The Beyond the Broncos program aims to improve school attendance rates and year 12 attainment rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. A dedicated team of Broncos’ Indigenous Support Staff provide one-on-one mentoring support, encouragement and motivation for students to achieve maximum school attendance, effort and behaviour and to complete Year 12.
Wonders of Science - The Wonder of Science program is building knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in Queensland’s young people.
Opti-MINDS - Opti-MINDS is a creative problem solving programme for teams of up to 7 participants from preschool to adult within 4 age divisions. Teams may be made up of students in the same year group or mixed year groups. Teams are required to solve demanding, open-ended Challenges from one of the following categories: Language Literature, Science Engineering, Social Sciences.
Readers Cup - is a state wide competition for young readers. Teams of four students together read a set of books, and then compete with other school or public library teams to answer quiz questions from the books.
Premiers Reading Challenge - The Premier's Reading Challenge is an annual state-wide initiative for state and non-state schools and home-educated students up to Year 9, as well as children (aged up to five years) enrolled in an early childhood centre, and individual home readers. The Premier's Reading Challenge is not a competition but aims to improve literacy and encourage children to engage in reading for pleasure and learning.
ICAS - The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. ICAS is unique, being the most comprehensive generally available suite of academic assessments for primary and secondary school students.. The assessments comprise eight Digital Technologies tests, eleven English tests, eleven Maths tests, eleven Science tests, six Spelling tests and ten Writing tests.
Dynamic Deadlies - is online program run by Darling Downs and South West Indigenous Unit for Indigenous students in year 4 to 7 with high learning potential.  Extension lessons are provided with an academic and cultural focus.
Book Week Parade - is an annual event that sees students, teachers and community members collaborate to celebrate reading. It is a district celebration with schools, play groups and pre-schooling centres joining together to walk down the main street of Tara. The parade is rich in community involvement, with business owners, parents, SES members, Police officers, school personnel and community members all involved.   Its aim is to celebrate reading and encourage students to read.
Write-a-book-in-a-day  - The write a book in a day competition that is like no other creative writing competition. It sees teams of 5-10 students working collaboratively to plan, write, illustrate, print and bound a book based on a unique set of parameters. Students in years 5-8 will participate in this competition.
Tara Shire State College Show Team  - The team allows students to learn about all aspects of showing cattle. This includes breaking in, washing, clipping, grooming, judging. These activities facilitate the development of leadership and public speaking skills. Students compete at various local shows and have opportunities to compete in the regional competition for cattle showing and junior judges. 
Tara Shire State College Musical -  is an opportunity for students to explore, learn about and excel in the arts. It is an annual event that combines, visual art, drama, music and technology to enhance students’ extracurricular education. It encourages self-confidence, cooperation and commitment.
IMPACT Project-Just Write - The IMPACT Project is a 12 week intensive online program that develops writing skills. It gives the students the opportunity to extend their learning in an online classroom, interact with online tools and further develop an understanding of writing including creating, responding to and comprehending texts. Students participate in the program with teachers and students from all over Queensland.
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) - provides students with the opportunity to be curious and imaginative in their work. STEM touches every aspect of our lives, from our smartphones to the technologies that enable us to explore the world around us and outer space. It also drives innovation in our fast-changing global economy
Last reviewed 05 December 2019
Last updated 05 December 2019